Small gifts for elderly people that they will actually use and enjoy

small gifts for elderly people

Are you looking for the perfect small gifts for elderly people? This list has 12 brilliant suggestions that they’ll love.

Finding the perfect small gifts for elderly people can be tricky, as they’ve had a lifetime to amass more possessions than they could ever want. It seems at their age, they already have everything they need – so finding something you know they’re going to love is quite a challenge! Here are some small gifts for elderly people that I think are perfect!

In fact, sometimes elderly people don’t really want more stuff, but just something that can make their lives that little bit easier, a small gift that helps with safety or efficiency – or just shows thoughtfulness – are all bound to be a winner. So, whether you’re concerned about their safety as they get older or want excellent gifts that will give them a little pick me up, you’ve come to the right place!

small gifts for elderly people

Foot roller

My first suggestions for small gifts for elderly people, is a foot roller. As we get older, our feet can take a real beating. I mean, imagine how many miles you’ve walked by the time you’ve reached old age! So, a great gift for an elderly person is a foot roller. Designed to provide relief from tightness, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, it’s a great way to provide relief and get them up and moving again. As a lot of elderly people wish to retain their level of activity, this is a great, practical gift to assist with mobility and foot health which can sometimes be neglected as we get older.

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Amazon Echo (Alexa)

This is endlessly useful for elderly people, and it makes an fantastic small gift for elderly people. Why is it so useful? Well it means they can do things around the house (such as controlling music, lights, etc) with their voice, rather than walking around. It’s also something a bit fun, and a bit new for them to experiment with and play with – which is a nice thing to introduce into an elderly person’s lifestyle. This makes a fantastic small gifts for elderly people, and it’s something that could genuinely change their lives too.

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Autobiographical journal

Next on my list of small gifts for elderly people, it’s a journal. If the elderly in your life are looking to preserve their memories of the past, present and future, why not gift them an autobiographical journal? The perfect way to guide their thoughts and preserve their wisdom for their families, this book contains hundreds of guided questions that allow excellent reflection. With acid-free paper that ensure these thoughts are preserved for decades to come, this is a gift that is sure to be treasured for generations.

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Back and neck massager

This back and neck massager is the next on my list of small gifts for elderly people. It’s a well-known fact that the activities we engage in when we’re younger come back to haunt us in our later years. Sore backs, necks and shoulders, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. The Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is perfect to use on elderly aches and pains. A relaxing escape from looking after grandchildren, this is a perfect gift for achy muscles that need a break!

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White noise machine

This may not be on everyone’s list for small gifts for elderly people, but we’ve found it to be a big hit.

Sometimes, you can become more sensitive to disruptive noise as you get older and that can make it a challenge to get a good night’s sleep. If your elderly relative or friend suffers with this, why not gift them an Adaptive Sound Technologies White Noise Sound Machine? Providing ten fan sounds and ten ambient noise variations, it helps block out any disruption and let them fall asleep with ease. Safe and powered by USB or AC, it’s a worry-free gift that’s bound to be greatly appreciated. 

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399 games, puzzles keep brain young

Next on my list of small gifts for elderly people, it’s puzzles! It’s often been said that our brains need as much exercising as our body does (if not much, much more!), so why not give that special person something that enables them to remain mentally sharp? This awesome paperback focuses on memory, attention to detail and multitasking, and is sure not to only kill a bunch of time but keep someone at the top of their mental game.

As mindfulness becomes more and more important in our daily lives, it’s a perfect way to say you care. This is a really great choice for small gifts for elderly people, and something that can keep them entertained and busy all day.

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Luxury blanket

If the elderly people in your life love getting cozy with a cup of tea and a good TV show, why not gift them a luxury blanket for those nights in? The perfect companion for an afternoon nap, this lightweight, breathable blanket is a great choice to keep your body warm without overheating. Made with premium microfiber, this lovely blanket is also easy to clean, so is hassle-free as well as comfortable! This is a great gift for anyone – not just as a small gift for elderly people!

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Item Locator

Next on my list of small gifts for elderly people, it’s an item locator. Honestly, the best of us lose our keys, wallet and other things on a regular basis. However, as you get older, you can leave things in the darndest places. So, why not grab one of these Esky Wireless Item Locators to make the elderly person in your life have an easier time of it?

Keys are perfect for this, but you can really put these handy receivers anywhere. Find that grandad is always losing his glasses? Why not pop one inside his glasses case so that you never have to go on the hunt again? This small gift for elderly people is really useful, and they’ll be so thankful for it!

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Letters to my Grandchild

This is both a wonderful keepsake for the family and a way to impart words of wisdom, it’s a really beautiful choice for small gifts for elderly people. With a collection of twelve letters that are sure to delight anyone, these letters can be filled with advice, words for times of hardship and more. These can then be passed on to the next generation to read when they’re needed most. Both a lovely activity for the elderly and a meaningful gift that keeps on giving, it’s a perfect choice.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

No matter how old we get, life’s stresses can often pile up regardless of how much we have going on. The VicTsing essential oil diffuser is the perfect solution for when those days just get on top of you. With colored night lights a bonus, aromatic mist helps to both prevent dry skin and refresh the air. Easy to use and with numerous different colors to choose from, this thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to any elderly face.

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Listen, we know it’s a bit stereotypical buying old people slippers, but the truth is, slippers are a great gift and they’ve always been a perfect option for small gifts for elderly people! For a lot of elderly people they often feel the cold, and they often like wearing slippers around the house (or even in the garden) so a new pair of cosy slippers is an ideal gift and one they’ll love receiving. I love this pair of uber cosy ones.

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Heated Body Pillow

This is a bit of an unconventional gift (and something you may not have heard of before) but it’s something I’ve heard is really beneficial and supportive too. A heated body pillow is just what it sounds like – it’s a long pillow that you hug with your body when sleeping – and this particular version is warming too so extra comforting.

For elderly people who may have joint issues, or muscle issues, this can provide them with a better nights sleep. Definitely a bit of a wild-card small gift for elderly people, but a great one all the same!

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As you can see, there are a surprising number of fantastic small gifts for elderly people that will be sure to make them smile without being prohibitively expensive. I hope that this list of small gifts for elderly people has given you some inspiration outside of the usual socks and soaps!

thoughtful small gifts for elderly people

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