8 thoughtful Small gifts for bridesmaids

small gifts for bridesmaids

Are you looking for the perfect small gifts for your bridesmaids? I know how important getting the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids is – and these gift ideas for bridesmaids are just perfect to make them feel loved and special.

Your bridesmaids are some of the central players in any wedding. Taking on extra jobs, ensuring everything goes to plan and, you know, keeping the bride calm should things get stressful (!), it only seems right to get them a small gift to show your appreciation! 

The thing is, when it comes to weddings, we’re often seeking perfection, so finding the perfect small gifts for bridesmaids is so important! There are so many wonderful little options out there and it can be difficult to settle on something that everyone will like. There are plenty of gifts that you can pick up on a budget prior to your special day (we’re talking to you, organisers!). Alternatively, you might want to grab something that shows how much you appreciate their choosing to take on the role of ‘bridesmaid’. 

Whatever you decide to go for and whatever small gift for your bridesmaid you choose, there are many options for all budgets. You really don’t have to break the bank, so keep scrolling to find a gift that’s bound to be perfect for those special, irreplaceable ladies in your wedding party!

Bridesmaid Planner

First on my list of small gifts for bridesmaids, it’s a bridesmaid planner. Now, we all know that there are those among us who always need to know what’s going on. So, for the bridesmaids that just love to plan, why not get your party one of these lovely Bridesmaid Planners from Enchanted Wedding Press? Known for their kitsch yet practical designs, these planners are extremely affordable, and really useful too. These would be a great gift to give bridesmaids when you first ask them to take the special role.

A definite pro to these is that you can give those slightly less organised bridesmaids a little push! I mean, they are meant to make the day easier after all! With useful sections for the hen night and the big day, this is a potentially invaluable gift. 

If the task ahead seems daunting for some of your bridesmaids, they might appreciate this little book to help keep them on track. Click here to buy on Amazon.

list of small gifts for bridesmaids

Personalised robes

Next on my list of small gifts for bridesmaids, it’s personalised robes! You’ve seen and envied those wedding day shots of brides and their bridesmaids kitted out in satin robes, right? Well, envy be gone! This charming Etsy store produces personalised satin robes, and they’re super affordable which makes them an idea choice for small gifts for bridesmaids. They’re super soft and come in a huge range of sizes, so you’re bound to find something that suits everyone. Not only are these super comfortable garments great for the wedding photos, but they’re an amazing keepsake that can be treasured and worn for years to come.

If you fancy a floral themed robe, why not check out these robes instead? Arriving beautifully packaged and ready for gifting, if your wedding happens to be heavy on the florals, this might be a thematically perfect choice!

I can assure you; your bridal party are going to LOVE these. Click here to see them!

ideas for small gifts for bridesmaids

Bride Tribe memory book

This Bride tribe memory book is a gorgeous little gift you could give to your bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding, or on your hen-do / bachelorette party. You can create a memory book for each bridesmaid, and fill the memory book with cute photos that show the journey of your friendship. Definitely a heartfelt idea for small gifts for bridesmaids.

This idea guarantees some happy tears and some beautiful moments! Click here to buy on Amazon.

best small gifts for bridesmaids

Personalised champagne glasses

This next option for small gifts for bridesmaids, makes for the perfect photo opportunity too! If your bridesmaids are the boozy type, why not treat them all to a personalised champagne flute? This Etsy store can make 5.6oz premium champagne flutes with any personalised name or word. You can either make these a jokey or meaningful gift, so if you want a riotous presentation of these, feel free to use some inside jokes or keywords here! 

You’re able to choose from a variety of colours to match your wedding theme or just choose your favourite colours, which makes it one of the best small gifts for bridesmaids. So, for a super meaningful toast or an alcohol-fuelled hen-night, these are a great idea. Click here to see them on Etsy!

cheap and small gifts for bridesmaids

A gorgeous necklace / bracelet

Now, necklaces and bracelets are a pretty popular choice amongst brides as they can be worn in solidarity amongst your girls, so they’re a favourite for small gifts for bridesmaids.

There are two great options here. You can either give these as a ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ gift or present them as a wedding favour to thank your girls for their hard work. Both are equally personal and lovely, so the choice is entirely up to you. 

I love these small gifts for bridesmaids from two gorgeous Etsy sellers. One has the tagline ‘I can’t say I do without you!’, and the other is a personalised name card stating, ‘Thank you for being my Bridesmaid’. Both are equally valid, and it just depends on whether you want your bridal party sporting these before or after your wedding!

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Spa Gift Box

Featuring a medley of scented products to scrub, wash and buff your cares away, this lovely nourishing box is packed to the brim with essential oil products that beautifully echo the romance of a wedding. 

Your hard-working bridesmaids deserve a pamper session, and a well-rested bridesmaid is a successful one after all! So, show those girls how much you care with this complete spa kit. 

Also, at under $20, it’s a total bargain if I do say so myself, so an ideal option for small gifts for bridesmaids. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

small gifts for bridesmaids

‘Thank you for being my bridesmaid’ decoration

Next on my list of small gifts for bridesmaids, it’s a beautiful decoration. If your wedding has come and gone but you’d like to send a token of appreciation to your girls, why not send a personalised thank-you decoration? A much more permanent keepsake than a thank-you card, these lovely decorations from ShopPaperBee on Etsy are glorious. With personalised text and a cute bow that can be coloured according to your wedding’s theming, it’s a lovely way to honour your day and show your appreciation. 

Bespoke designs are also accepted, but at such a reasonable price, these stunning heart decorations are a steal, and such a gorgeous small gift ideas for bridesmaids. You can take a look at them on Etsy here.

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Custom phone case

Finally on my list of small gifts for bridesmaids, it’s a cute yet practical gift choice would be a personalised phone case for each of your bridesmaids. Though you may need to keep an eye out on phone styles and models if you want to keep this gift a surprise, you can be assured that these gifts will be well used! 

I personally love these romantically themed cases that hint at romance and think they make the perfect small gifts for bridesmaids. Subtle and not at all garish, they’ll suit most tastes down to the ground. If you’re struggling to figure out what phones everyone has, you can either ask their partners and friends or just reveal your gift plan to ensure no awkwardness arises! Click here to shop them on Etsy.

small gifts for bridesmaids ideas

So, have you found some inspiration?

If you’re overwhelmed by choice and not sure where to begin, I hope I’ve given you some small gifts for bridesmaids ideas that will warm the hearts of bridesmaids far and wide. You really can’t go wrong with these, and whether your girls want something for the hen night or something to wear in their down-time, these gifts are guaranteed to be small on budget, but big on impact. 

So, go ahead and successfully tick one more thing off that overflowing bridal list! Any of these small gifts for bridesmaids would be perfect – You’ve got this girl.

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