8 Perfect small gifts for baby’s first birthday

gifts for one year olds

Whether you’re Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle or just a friend – finding the perfect gift for a baby’s first birthday party is tricky! At one year old, baby’s don’t really have their own interests yet and they’ve probably already received just about every gift imaginable from their parents and grandparents already!

Here are some cute small gift ideas for one year olds, that would make a lovely choice!

A remote control toy

Ask any parent of a one year old, and they will tell you how much their little one loves any and every gadget /technology. Babies love things with button, things that look important (they have a knack for searching them out!). This fake remote control has lots of brightly colour buttons and noise effect – and it’s a sure winning gift for a one year old.

Interactive play mat

It’s around the one-year mark that most babies begin walking around, so buying them something to encourage walking and standing up is a thoughtful gift, and a practical one too. This little play mat will give the child hours of entertainment, and it’s something that parent’s can easily pack up and take away on holiday too.

A traditional puzzle toy

There’s nothing nicer than traditional puzzle toys – like this stacking rainbow. It’s a really cute (and visibly pleasing) toy, so the baby’s parents will love you for picking something that won’t look ugly or tacky in their living room! This rainbow stacks up in lots of different ways, and there are different tricks and gams you can play with it. It’s also great for beginning to teach the baby about colours, shapes and sizes. And when the baby grows out of it, it’s something that looks lovely on a bookshelf or bedside table.

A story time book

Anything that can make story time more interesting, is going to be a big hit with parents. Reading books together is such an important part of a baby’s discovery and education and finding immersive and interesting books is the best way to make them excited about it. This interactive story time book (with buttons, noises, etc) is a great choice!


Never under-estimate how much parents always need new baby clothes! babies grow FAST – so fast that one week something fits perfectly, and the next week it’s two sizes too small. A great gift for one year olds, is actually clothing. You can ask your friends what kind of clothes their baby needs, or you can just opt for something cute (see below!).

Baby shoes

Is there anything cuter than baby shoes? No there is not. If you’re friends are into their shoes (think adidas, converse, vans, etc) then the chances are they will LOVE receiving a pair of mini trainers or shoes for their little one too. I think this makes an ideal gift for one year olds – and it’s such a momento too for the future!

Something to cuddle

A sure fire hit with any baby? Something to cuddle of course! Find the most adorable teddy bear / soft toy you can, and it’s definitely going to be a perfect gift for a one year old. I love this Dumbo teddy – but you could really go with any style, the fluffier and cuter, the better!

A photo album

If you have enough photos of the little one, you could make them a photo album of their first year. Sure, it’s not something they can play with, but the chances are they’ve received loads of gifts like that from other family and friends. This is a gift for the future, something they can look back on and treasure. It’ll also mean a lot to their parents too – as it’s something they can also treasure.

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