11 Unusual gardening gifts

unusual gardening gifts ideas

Are you on the look out for some unusual gardening gifts for a friend or family member? These are some of the most affordable and most unique unusual gardening gifts I could find – I hope it’s useful!

Whether you’re a gardening buff yourself or find yourself in a dither looking for the perfect unusual gardening gifts for a friend or family member, you’ve come to the right place. It can be difficult to know whether the gardener in your life has all that they need to cultivate the perfect outdoor space, or whether they’re complete newbies and have absolutely no tools. Whether they are seasoned landscapers or total beginners, there’s sure to be something on this list of unusual gardening gifts that will be the perfect fit!

Plant stand

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First on my list of unusual gardening gifts, it’s this gorgeous plant stand! I just think this is so beautiful and would look amazing in any garden (hence why it makes my top spot of unusual gardening gifts). It’s a great way to make a statement, this type of plant stand has recently started to make a comeback.

Originally popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, this beautiful stand is a great way to display prized plants and make the most of a small garden space. If the special gardener in your life has expressed plant-height dissatisfaction in the past, make their day with this elevated tiered stand which really makes potted plants a centrepiece. 

unusual gardening gifts

Kneeling Pad

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Next on my list of unusual gardening gifts, it’s something really useful for the green-fingered! If you’ve ever gardened for longer than a few minutes, you’ll know that the knees can take quite a beating when tending your precious bulbs. So, why not surprise the gardener in your life with a kneeling mat?

This one’s a classic due to its high-density foam material that protects your knees from any nasties that may be lurking in the undergrowth. As gardening is a distinctly practical task, a little extra support will never go amiss! This is such a good option for unusual gardening gifts, and it’s something that is really useful too.

list of unusual gardening gifts

Hummingbird Rain Charm

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The next gift idea on my list of unusual gardening gifts, is this lovely little garden hanging. Lesser seen in gardens these days, rain charms can truly make a garden space as charming as their namesake. This hummingbird rain chain is striking and directs rain to the ground easily whilst emitting a gentle twinkling sound from the bells that are nestled between each bird.

With a gutter clip included for easily installation, this is a unique garden gift that adds character to the landscape without being overbearing. This is a great option for unusual gardening gifts, especially if their outside space is small.

unusual gardening gifts for friends

Willow teacup planters

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A truly unusual gardening gift that makes a statement, this adorable teacup style planter is sure to be your giftee’s ‘cup of tea’ as it were. Simply pop a plant inside this tropical teacup planter with its kitsch ‘all you need is LOVE’ phrase to add some optimism to any garden space. Such a cute option on this list of unusual gardening gifts, which is why I wanted to include it!

unusual gardening gifts 1

Cordless shearers

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Next on my list of unusual gardening gifts, it’s cordless shearers. This is a great unusual gardening gift for someone who takes gardening really seriously. When you’re tending your garden, you will often have one of two thoughts. The first may be that it’s an extremely rewarding experience. However, the second is likely to be, “how do I make this easier?”. Well, there is s a gift for that! 

These cordless shearers are a fantastic answer to blunt, manual shearers that may have been collecting dust for years. With a 6-inch shrub trimming blade and 4-inch grass sheer blade, it is lightweight, compact and gets the job done quickly. Charging fully in 30 minutes and offering up to an hour of use per charge, it’s an especially useful product. I mean really, what could be better?

the best unusual gardening gifts

Composting Tumbler Bin

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Termed the Most Beautiful Composter in the World, this is my next suggestion for unusual gardening gifts. This stunning little beauty requires no assembly and will fit into any gardener’s lot. Available in black and hot pink, it’s food safe, BPA and rust free. 

Adding a welcome pop to any garden, this unique and useful gift is both elegant and unusual, and will surely be appreciated by your environmentally conscious friends and family. 

composter unusual gardening gifts

A new set of colorful tools

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Next on my list of unusual gardening gifts, it’s these bright and patterned gardening tools. I love these tools, and if you’re friends love the colorful side of life then these bright tools are a must-have. They’ll absolutely love how much these unusual gardening gifts brighten up their tool kit, that’s for sure!

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

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If you want to gift some pure zen, why not try this Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit? This is an absolutely precious option for unusual gardening gifts. It’s a project your friends or family can really take time and care over. Including all the goods you need to grow a beautiful bonsai, it’s a unique gift that’s said to be used commonly in plant therapy. If you know a gardener that got into the hobby for its therapeutic benefits, this is a great gift option.

Perfect for all experience levels, this one won’t prove too complex for beginners either. These guys ensure that all bonsai seeds are tested at the highest germination rates available, which makes sure that you are giving the best possible bonsai seed on the market! 

bonzai tree unusual gardening gifts

Bird bath

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OK, this one is a little niche – but you’ll probably know something who would love this option of unusual gardening gifts. Though you may think that bird baths are common gardening gifts, you’ve not seen one like this before! This unique bird bath is shaped like a Moose and is a super-cute carved resin addition to any garden. Appearing like well-weathered carved wood, its rustic style and charming exterior are sure to please your gardening pals!

best unusual gardening gifts

Bee Hotel

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Next on my list of unusual gardening gifts, it’s this great little bee / bug hotel. If your gardening pal is a huge advocate for saving the bees, why not give them a little nudge to make a conservation area in their own backyard? As well as encouraging flowers to grow in your yard, this beehive creates a nice, safe environment for native pollinator bees.

Made from high quality bamboo, it’s guaranteed to hold up for 2 years or more and is the perfect sustainable option for bee-loving gardeners everywhere, and definitely a great choice for unusual gardening gifts!

bee hotel unusual gardening giftsbee hotel unusual gardening gifts

Quirky / colorful gardening gloves

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Gardening gloves don’t need to be boring – and these amazing colourful gloves makes a great choice for unusual gardening gifts! I think any gardener would absolutely love receiving these as a gift, and they’ll definitely bring a smile to your friend’s face every time they wear them.

I hope this list of unusual gardening gifts is useful! I love some of the gardening gift ideas on this list, so hopefully your friends or family will too!

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