11 New home gift ideas for friends and family

new home gift ideas

Are you looking for new home gift ideas for friends or family? Moving into a new home is a big life step – so getting them something special to remember the moment with is important!

So, you’re on the lookout for new home gift ideas…. Your friends have just moved into their new place and you need a gift to take over to help them celebrate!

We all know how stressful moving can be. As well as the stress that comes with packing boxes, hauling them across the country and dealing with new neighbours, it can be difficult to make a new house feel like home. Whether you’re looking for a functional gift or something that’s more personal, these budget-friendly ideas are sure to add a hint of style to their new place without breaking the bank. Hopefully this list of new home gift ideas will give you plenty of inspiration!

Indoor Herb Garden

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First on my list of new home gift ideas, it’s an indoor herb garden. I love this for new home gift ideas because it’s a bit quirky and it helps the couple get a bit creative and productive too!Even if they’ve moved into a small space, they can still cultivate a great little garden with this herb growing starter kit.

Fitting perfectly on most windowsills, you just need to plant the seeds, add water, and wait. Aptly named Herbs in the Burbs, this little kit is the perfect way to get in touch with someone’s horticultural side. Not only is it exciting to see the herbs grow, but this gift encourages them do some great cooking in their new place too! Win-win or what?

new home gift ideas indoor herb kit

Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Next on my list of new home gift ideas, it’s this Himalayan Salt lamp. This is a bit quirky – but you’ll know if you’re friends are the kind of people who would appreciate this new home gift idea. Having grown increasingly popular in recent years, Himalayan Salt Lamps have long been a fantastic way to add character to a new home.

Inoffensive and non-intrusive, these lovely lamps offer great health benefits in addition to lighting a home. If your giftee has found the moving process particularly stressful, this is a wonderful gift that is sure to be greatly appreciated. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp new home gift ideas

Cutting board

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Sometimes, even the best laid plans go wrong. Often when moving, one of the first things that can be forgotten is the all-important chopping board! In fact, they’re one of the items most often left behind. So obviously the next item on my list of new home gift ideas, is a chopping board!

So, why not get ahead of the curve and gift these handy bamboo cutting boards? A lot of the time, some of the best housewarming gifts are practical ones, and this 3-piece set is sure to be used for years to come. With side handles that allow these boards to double as serving trays, you’re setting the giftees up for a successful housewarming party too! 

new home gift ideas for friends

Welcome mat

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What symbolises a new home better than a welcome mat? It’s a super classic gift, which is why it makes my list of new home gift ideas. Often something that isn’t bought by homeowners until a few months after moving, it’s the perfect gift that will christen the home.

These mats are particularly good, as not only are they budget friendly, but there are plenty of designs to choose from. If you know the basic décor style that the homeowners are after, why not try and match the welcome mat to their general theming?

new home gift ideas housewarming

Measuring cups

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Though some people might already have these, kitsch measuring cups are a great gift for new homeowners. So, why not choose these interesting Russian Doll cups? Serving as a very practical decoration, they are sure to be the talk of the town. These are a really fun idea for new home gift ideas, that they’ll love. Small, practical and genuinely useful!

housewarming gift idea

Wine rack

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Next on my list of new home gift ideas, it’s something every host needs! Every host or hostess needs a good wine collection. So, what better to gift than a classic wine rack? Often something that the average person does not own, it’s a great gift for new homeowners. This once specifically is just really cool – it’s a real collectors item and any wine-lovers would go crazy for it.

After all, they’re bound to get plenty of celebratory bubbly, so why not provide somewhere to store it? This ultra-chic stackable wine rack is space-saving and stores up to 12 bottles! If you wanted to push the boat out… get them a nice bottle to go in the wine rack! It’s the perfect new home gift idea.

Ceramic Succulent Plant Set

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Next on my list of new home gift ideas, it’s a succulent plant set. Decorating a new home can prove a challenge, and sometimes plants can really brighten up a space. For a long-wearing plant that requires less maintenance than others, these succulent plant pots are an excellent choice.

Succulents last ages (even for people that are busy) and these perfect little pots would brighten up any kitchen or bathroom – so they’re definitely one of my favorite new home gift ideas on this list. These plant pots each have a bright design, and even have a mesh pad at the bottom to prevent any soil spillage. A unique gift that will brighten up any room, these little pots are sure to be a winner.

cute new home gift ideas

Copper Bartender Kit

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If you know that those new homeowners love a good drink or two, why not give them the means to set up their own little cocktail bar? This brand of barware shows excellent craftmanship and comes with quality assurance to boot. This attractive rose-gold design is sure to fit in amongst most house colour plans, so there’s little chance of this clashing with other kitchen décor. This is a brilliant addition to this list of new home gift ideas, and it’s something I think anyone would love.

list of new home gift ideas

Kitchen dish towels

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A classic choice for new home gift ideas, kitchen dish towels are SO useful! Coming in as perhaps the most practical gift on our list, this set of kitchen towels is sure to come in handy. This set of 12 dish towels is woven with 100% ring spun cotton, which makes these towels durable and hardwearing. This is a super affordable option too – and it’s a new home gift idea that they’ll find really useful.


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OK, this next idea on my list of new home gift ideas, is for the music lovers! Once upon a time you might have bought them a CD player or a portable speaker… But this is where it’s at now! If your pals are into retro items and great music, why not gift them this awesome turntable? A statement piece of design as well as a great conversation starter, this musical gift is as practical as it is cool. If they don’t have a vinyl collection, why not source a vinyl of their favourite band and let them start their own collection? Such a unique and thoughtful new home gift idea – I love it.

new home gift ideas 2


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And last on my list of new home gift ideas, it’s crockery of course! Nothing is more useful in a new home than good crockery. This set includes 4 dinner plates four salad plates and four bowls. With enough crockery to get going, this is an excellent way to start their new home’s kitchen off right. With a lovely vintage pattern, this set of crockery is sure to become a staple in any household.

new home gift ideas 4

So, there you have it. I hope that this list of new home gift ideas has given you some inspiration of suitable gifts for new homeowners. It is always tricky trying to figure out what new homeowners may or may not want, so practicality is usually key here! If you have any other great new home gift ideas to add to the list, let me know!