7 perfect small gifts for expecting moms

small gifts for expecting moms

If your friend is expecting a baby sometime soon, you might want to get her a little something to show you care, and to say congratulations. Having a baby is a huge life-step (whether it’s your 1st baby, or you 5th!) and receiving gifts from friends is something really spcial during this time in your life. So, if you’re looking for the perfect small gifts for expecting moms, hopefully this list will give you plenty of inspiration.

As with all our list on ‘Small Gift, Big Heart’ we always try to find gifts that are budget friendly, but full of thoughtfulness and love. So here are our favourite ideas for gifts for expecting moms.

A pamper kit

You can make this yourself, by combining a few different items together into one bundle. I love this idea because it shows you’ve really thought about them and considered what being a new mom is actually like. Often new moms forget about self-care and self-love and they devote all their waking hours to the new baby, which is why a pamper kit makes a perfect gifts for expecting moms. I recommend putting the following items into the kit, which can all be ordered via Amazon (to make everything super easy!):

small gifts for expecting moms pamper kit

A frame (with photos!)

I love this gift idea for new moms because it’s such a thoughtful gift, and yet it’s so easy to put together. If your new mom friend is on social media, it’ll probably be really easy to find a photo of the new baby (if not, just ask her partner to send you one in secret!). You can go get the beautiful photo printed out, and then pop it in a frame – and hey presto – you have a beautiful small gifts for expecting moms. Why is this small gift for expecting moms so great? Well no new mom has time to print out cute photos of their new arrival – they’re too busy adjusting to their new life! Lots of photo printing apps offer 50 free prints when you sign up too, so the only cost is the frame. Perfect!

Here are some affordable frames I’ve found on Amazon…

small gifts for expecting moms

A dressing gown

Not a small gift in the physical sense, but relatively small financially (compared to the big gifts often on baby lists). A dressing gown can be snapped up for around $20-$30 and it is a lovely gift for an expecting mom, as it’s practical and SO USEFUL. For those sleepless nights and early mornings when your friend won’t want to get dressed / won’t have time to, a dressing gown will be so useful and welcome.

Here’s a lovely dressing gown I found on Amazon (for less than $20!) that is available in loads of colours. Top tip: avoid white for new moms, as babies can be messy!

small gifts for expecting moms dressing gown

Something for the nursery

This could be anything (at any budget) but something for the nursery works perfectly as small gifts for an expecting mom. Little trinkets and small thoughtful gifts look beautiful in baby’s nursery – so find something that reminds you of the couple, or makes you smile. One small gift for expecting moms that I found – which would look so amazing in a nursery – is this little elephant statue. You can find it on Etsy by clicking here.

small gifts for expecting moms ornament

A funny book

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, it’s a good time to read and relax – so buying your expecting mom friend a book is a great idea! I’d always opt for something easy, light and funny – and “Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths: Embarrassing Stories and Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood” has to be my absolutely FAVOURITE! It has so many great stories, and it’s so funny.

small gifts for expecting moms funny book

A keepsake memory box

This makes our list of small gifts to give expecting moms, because it’s so thoughtful, and it’s something not every new mom will remember to buy for herself (and the baby!). Things can be a bit chaotic when having a baby, but having somewhere to keep those little momentos and memories is really special.

I found a gorgeous brand who do these wonderful keepsake boxes for less than $16 (!!) and they’re so beautifully made. They have loads of designs, but my favourites from the range are below.

Aquaphor Baby Welcome Baby Gift Set

This is a great go-to gift if you’re not super close with the mom-to-be, but you still want to get her something thoughtful and useful that she’ll appreciate. The Aquaphor Baby Welcome Baby Gift Set has some of the best baby skincare essentials in, so it’s a pretty great choice for this list of small gifts for expecting moms. This gift is something she’ll find really useful, and it can help tick off some items on her to-do list too! Which is always useful! Click here to buy on Amazon.

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