15 Perfect Scuba Diving Gifts for People Who Scuba Dive

perfect scuba diving gift ideas

My Mum is obsessed with Scuba Diving, so this is one niche of gift buying that I’m versed in. Usually if your friend or family member is a scuba enthusiast – it makes a great gift theme for birthdays or holidays, and as this list will show, there are plenty of scuba diving gift ideas out there!

It’Scuba diving is a bit of an expensive hobby to have, so whilst it’s not always possible to splurge on your friends to buy them new equipment (like wetsuits or gear) – there are definitely lots of smaller gifts you can buy for people who love scuba diving that they will appreciate just as much!

So, hopefully this list will give you some great scuba diving gift ideas for people who love scuba diving!

100 dives of a lifetime

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First up on my list of scuba diving gifts is this amazing book is a great source of inspiration for people who love scuba diving – inside are 100 absolutely brilliant dives they can do around the world, as well as beautiful photos and key bits of information to go along with each dive location. If you’re scuba diving friend loves travel too (they usually go hand in hand!) then this is a great gift to give them.

scuba diving book - best gifts for scuba divers

A scuba diving t-shirt

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A t-shirt might not seem like the most obvious scuba diving gift – but this particular t-shirt has always been really well received by my friends and family who scuba dive. The thing about scuba divers is, they love to talk about it – any thing that encourages conversation is always a hit. So a t-shirt that makes it obvious they love scuba – it’s going to be a hit for sure! This is definitely a great scuba diving gift.

tshirt for scuba divers

Scuba diving socks

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Next on my list of gifts for scuba divers – it’s these themed socks! These socks are a really easy, affordable gift for scuba divers – because everyone wears socks! They’re bound to love these, the pattern is really nice and colorful and anyone who is proud of being a scuba diver will wear these with pride!

best gifts for scuba divers

Scuba Gear Backpack Travel Bag

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Next on my list of gifts for scuba divers, it’s this great equipment bag. I love the style of this ‘hold-all’ and I also love the price of it! Bags have to be a little different for scuba divers, and this bag ticks all the boxes. Here are the beenfits of this particular bag, and why it makes a great scuba diving gift.

  • You can easily rinse gear in the bag (makes things efficient)
  • The bag is all mesh (so it dries really fast)
  • It can be folded up small for storage
  • Long fins fit inside really easily
  • It’s easy to carry around
gifts for people who love scuba diving

Scuba-themed cufflinks

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Next on my list of gifts for people who love scuba diving, it’s these cute little scuba themed cufflinks. If the person you’re buying for is all about business in the week, and scuba diving is how they relax on holiday or during their time off – this is an ideal gift for them!

They can carry their love of scuba diving around with them everywhere (even the office!). It’s the perfect scuba diving gift for people who can’t always be out in the ocean!

gifts for people who love diving

Scuba knowledge print

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Next on my list of gifts for people who love scuba diving, it’s this pretty cool print. If your scuba-loving friend loves the facts and figures around scuba diving, then this print is a really awesome gift for them.

I imagine this look awesome in a home study or an office. This is just the print (so you’d also need to buy a poster frame) but they’re pretty easy to get hold of. I actually think this might be one of my favourite gifts for people who love scuba diving from this list! This is an epic scuba diving gift that anyone I know would love!

scuba knowledge framed print

Scuba diving whiskey glass

Click here to view on Etsy.

If your scuba diving friend also enjoys a splash of whiskey when they’re on dry land, then a pair of scuba themed whiskey glasses could make the perfect scuba diving gift for them! I love the designs on this particular set from Etsy – and I love how the scuba divers look like they’re swimming in the bottom of the glass.

scuba diving whiskey glass

Hand signals book

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If the person you know who loves scuba diving is pretty early-on in their scuba journey, they may still need some help remembering hand signals and learning the basics. This book is great for that, and it’s a great gift for people who love scuba diving for sure! This probably isn’t the best gift to get someone who’s an expert, but if they’re just starting to get into Scuba diving, then this is a fab gift.

gifts for people who scuba dive

Waterproof scuba diving log book (and binder)

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Next on my list of scuba diving gifts, it’s this waterproof log book. A big part of life when you’re a scuba diver, is logging and recording your dives (especially when you’re building up a qualification). Getting your friend who loves scuba diving this waterproof log book as a gift is not only really thoughtful, but it’s really practical and useful too!

gifts for scuba divers

Waterproof beanie cap

Buy on Amazon here.

Ask any scuba diver one of the most useful things to have on the boat, and they’ll tell you a beanie or a cap! If you’re not trying to shield your eyes from the ocean glare or sun, you’ll be feeling the cold from the ocean breeze. This hybrid of a beanie and a cap is so smart, and it solves the problem perfectly – because it helps with warmth (like a beanie) and shading the eyes (like a cap)! It’s an ideal scuba diving gift!

Beautiful Salvari necklace

Click here for their website

Salvari are an amazing jewellery company, that give back a percentage of their profits to ocean conservation charities. So this scuba diving gift is a bit more thoughtful than most. Not only if it a beautiful gift, but it also helps the causes that keep the ocean clean and protected.

Scuba diving clock

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This is a great gift for someone who loves scuba diving, and who also loves home decor too! This wooden clock is just so cool, and it’d make an amazing focal point in any scuba divers home! They might put it up in the equipment room, or maybe just pride of place in their lounge or kitchen! Wherever it goes, we know you’ll agree that it’s really cool!

good gifts for scuba divers

Hammerhead shark ring

Click here to view on Etsy

If there’s one thing scuba divers absolutely love, it’s seeing an incredible shark out in the ocean in the wild. One of the most impressive sharks to spot? It has to be a hammerhead shark.

This ring is pretty stunning on it’s own anyway – but it makes a perfect scuba diving gift because shark-spotting is such a fun part of scuba diving, and any scuba diver would love to see a hammerhead.

Framed LEGO scuba diver

Click here to see on Etsy.

This is something a bit fun, but it’s something I know any scuba diver would love! This fun framed print is a little LEGO scuba diver, with the quote “I’d rather be scuba diving”. It’s fun, it looks great and it’s a bit nostalgic too!

“I’d rather be diving” mug

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And last on my list of scuba diving gifts for people who love scuba diving – it’s the classic mug! A mug is a classic gift, but it never fails to make people smile, and it’s something that they’ll keep for years! This simple mug has the phrase “I’d rather be diving” on it – which I think sums it up for most scuba divers!

So, hopefully this list of scuba diving gifts for people who love scuba diving is helpful and you’ve managed to find some great gifts for scuba divers in your life!

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