12 small gifts for coworkers (on a budget)

small gifts for coworkers

Are you looking for funny small gifts for coworkers? If so – this list will give you loads of great ideas and inspiration!

Finding the perfect gifts for coworkers can be tricky, quite often you don’t know too much about your coworkers, but you still want the gift to feel heartfelt, thoughtful or funny. Ideally, any small gifts for coworkers should make them smile or make them laugh, and brighten their day a little bit!

There are many occasions where you might need to buy small gifts for coworkers, some of them we’ve listed below:

  • Small gifts for coworkers birthday
  • Small gifts for coworkers retirement
  • Small gifts for coworkers just because
  • Small gifts for coworkers for Christmas
  • Small gifts for coworkers for Secret Santa

Once you know which occasion you’re shopping for, you can take a look through the list below and pick out the perfect small gift for your coworker! They’ll love any of these gifts!

small gifts for coworkers

Dammit Doll for stress releif

First on my list of small gifts for coworkers, is the Dammit Doll. The Dammit Doll is basically a stress relief doll, perfect for coworkers who are a little on the tightly-wound side and need something to help them relax! They come in loads of different colors and designs, and it’s something that will definitely make them smile and laugh!

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Knock Knock Nifty Notes

If your co-worker is a bit of a post-it note addict, then these funny alternatives are a really cool gift to give them. They come with loads of different options and selections and in all different colors too. It’s a super cheap gift for coworkers, but it’ll definitely bring lots of laughs when they open it!

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“You’re Awesome” coffee mug

This is a classic small gift for coworkers, and it’s something every will love, and find useful too. We all know what it’s like at the office, you always lose your favorite coffee mugs and find yourself using the broken ones! This gift means your coworker has a brand new coffee mug, and a compliment to look at every day too!

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Mini desk sandbox

Next on my list of small gifts for coworkers, it’s this cute mini desk sandbox. This is PERFECT for the colleague who is always dreaming of vacations and taking far flung adventures. Bring the beach to them and they can have a mini beach on their desk, all day every day!

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“The Office” sweater

We don’t know about you, but “The Office” is one of the best TV shows ever – and it’s something often referenced in offices around the country. If you and your coworker always find yourself quoting The Office day to day, then why not buy them this cute Office sweater. So funny!

You can buy in Amazon here.

Cassette Tape desk tidy

Next on my list of small gifts for coworkers, it’s this cute little retro and cassette tape desk tidy. The desk tidy is really unique, and it’s certainly something that would make your coworkers smile. I also love how nostalgic this little desk tidy is – it’s definitely brighten up their day having it on their desk!

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Paint by numbers (for adults)

This next idea for small gifts for coworkers is a painting by numbers set. It’s a lovely idea for coworkers who are creative and like being creative in their spare time. It’s also a great idea for coworkers who are retiring, so it makes a really great retirement gift for coworkers too. There are loads of designs available on Amazon, but this is one of my favorites.

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Inspirational daily calendar

A calendar which fills you with inspiration and inspiring quotes every day – sounds like a perfect gift right? This is a great small gift for your coworker who always makes you smile or who always brightens your day, and it’s a chance to return the favor to them! You’ll find inspirational and motivational quotes in this beautiful calendar, and they’re all encouraging and beautiful quotes for a happy and peaceful life. It comes in 4 different designs too!

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My Arcade Retro Machine

This handheld gaming console is such a great gift for any coworkers who love a bit of nostalgia and gaming! It’s colorful, fun and brightly designed, and it includes 200 games that’ll fill them with so much nostalgia. This is a small gift for your coworker they definitely won’t be expecting.

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Funny quote pencils

Next on my list of small gifts for coworkers, it’s these funny pencils! These are really unique and funny, and I just love them. I know if someone gave me these, I would be so happy with them! The sassy quotes like “I Literally Can’t Even” and “Please Shut Up” make these an absolutely perfect gift idea for coworkers!

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Pencil sharpener desk tidy

This desk tidy is such a unique and stylish addition to any desk… it makes the ideal small gift for coworkers. I just love the style of this, it’s a little vintage and a little nostalgic too. Any coworkers would absolutely love this. There’s a double option too – incase you think your colleague needs extra storage!

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“Calm the fuck down” coloring book

This coloring book is a little more ‘adult-themed’ than most, but that’s what makes it even funnier! If you have a coworked who loves coloring books anyway – this might be a funny twist on that!

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I hope this list of small gifts for coworkers has been useful! I tried to include lots of inspiration and different kinds of ideas, so you can find the perfect small gifts for coworkers.

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