10 thoughtful Gifts for female friends

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Are you looking for the perfect gifts for female friends? Hopefully this list will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration!

Whatever your gender, finding the right gifts for female friends can be tricky. Whether they’re a best friend or a colleague that you’re not overly familiar with, getting the right gift for that special occasion is crucial. Our quest to find the perfect gift that makes an impression can sometimes lead to panic-buying, or worse, buying nothing at all! If you find yourself overwhelmed with finding gifts for female friends or can’t find anything within your budget, we’re here to help! 

Love & Friendship in a Jar

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My first idea for gifts for female friends, is this lovely love and friendship jar. If you have some time on your hands and know your female friend loves a handmade gift, why not gift this thoughtful little jar of love? Each pill includes a rolled up coloured blank paper, which allows you to write messages and put them inside the capsules.

If you want to ‘prescribe’ love and assurance, this is an extremely thoughtful gift for a best friend or close friend that can be revisited time and again when she is needing a boost. It’s a lovely idea for gifts for female friends, and it shows you really put thought into the idea too.

friendship jar gift idea

Luxury Candle Set

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Next on my list of ideas of gifts for female friends, it’s a candle set. If your female friend loves aromatherapy and fragrance, this is a great gift. This luxury candle gift set includes six NEST fragrances, which include grapefruit, bamboo, Moroccan amber, Sicilian tangerine, Ocean Mist & Sea Salt and cedar leaf and lavender. Packaged in a luxurious soft-touch gift box, this gift is a safe yet impressive choice for your female friend. After all, you can never really have enough personal care items!


Vitabath Bubble Bath

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Ah, the gift of relaxation. It’s the perfect option for gifts for female friends because everyone always needs a bit of ‘me’ time. As the stressors of modern life pile up, why not bring the spa to her on her special day with this stunning luxury bubble bath? This lavender scented bubble bath from Vitabath is an all-natural blend of lavender, chamomile, and warm vanilla that is sure to soothe her after a long day. Touting plenty of skin-conditioning vitamins, she’s sure to thank you for this one.

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Hand bag essentials

Next on my list of gifts for female friends, it’s handbag essentials! This is quite a nice gift for female friends, as you can buy lots of little things for them to pop into their bag. A staple in many female handbags, hand cream has long been a great gift for females., so that’s a great place to start (i love this hand cream). Next up would be Lip Balm (I love this one) and then some tissues, a notebook and a coin purse would all be great options to add to the collection.

list of gifts for female friends

“Why you’re my bestie” book

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This little book is a great idea for gifting female friends, because it’s simple, affordable and really thoughtful. You fill in the book fulled with lots of lovely stories and memories and compliments about them, and then they get to keep the little book as a reminder to what a great relationship you guys have. It’s such a lovely gift idea for female friends – I love it.

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Embroidery Kit

Embroidery might seem like a bit of an ‘old-person’ thing to do – but it’s actually having a bit of a rebirth as a fun, crafty and creative way to relax. You can get pre-made embroidery craft kits from places like Etsy (I love this particular kit – pictured below) and they make such thoughtful and unique gifts for friends.

embroidery kit etsy

A gorgeous cushion

I always think a lovely gift for female friends is actually something as simple as a cushion. A really beautiful cushion for their arm chair, bed of sofa is something they probably would buy for themselves, but they’ll definitely appreciate. I love going on Etsy for unique and beautiful cushions – they always have so many incredible designs that are out-of-the-ordinary and a bit special. I found these cushions (pictured below) and fell in love! Click here to buy them.


Jewellery stand

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There’s honestly nothing worse than a mess of tangled necklaces. You can spend hours trying to detangle these pesky things, and even then you may end up snapping them; oh, the horror! If you know they love wearing jewelery – then a jewelery stand makes for a perfect gifts for female friends.

So, why not gift a jewellery stand to your female friend? This simple three-tiered stand comes in numerous metal finishes and is sure to make a statement on any nightstand or chest of drawers. With designated spots for bangles, bracelets, long necklaces and more, it’s a great space saving solution that makes jewellery pop!

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Reusable cork

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There’s nothing worse than popping a bottle of wine and having to fashion a make-shift cork. Not wanting your wine to go to waste, you use some ratty kitchen towels to plug the hole. Arguably, this is no way to live! So, why not gift any wine enthusiast this customisable cork? Preventing nasty spills and preserving wine’s freshness, it’s an ideal gift for those that love a glass of wine in the evenings.  This is quite a unique idea for gifts for female friends, but in the right hands it’d be really appreciated!

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Bonsai starter kit

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Last on my list of gifts for female friends, it’s a Bonsai starter kit! If your female friend has spoken about cultivating a mini garden or has gone on a recent plant-buying spree, why not transport her with this wonderful Bonsai Starter Kit? Coming with 4 bonsai seeds with seed-safe vials, this kit has all the necessary parts that you’ll need to grow a healthy indoor bonsai tree. Don’t worry- the growing pots are included with this one, so it’s stress free for you too!

So, I hope that this list of gifts for female friends takes some of the stress out of that all-important occasion. Any of the gifts on this list will be appreciated, and all have a great degree of thought behind them, and that alone is sure to impress!

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